Lee Zii Jia

Lee Zii Jia made history at the 2020 All England Open by becoming its men's singles champion. Read further to gain an understanding of his life, achievements and career highlights.


Lee Zii Jia is an incredible Malaysian badminton player who has made waves internationally with his stellar performances at international tournaments. As one of the newest emerging talents in his sport, Lee has won multiple accolades – most recently being honored as Malaysia’s Most Promising Player in 2020! In this article we will look closer at his background, career highlights and future plans.

Who is Lee Zii Jia?

Lee Zii Jia is a Malaysian badminton player who has made waves in international badminton competition. He first gained attention after winning the 2019 Thailand Masters, then winning his inaugural Super 500 tournament at 2020 Malaysia Open and eventually reaching 8th on world rankings – solidifying himself as one of the leading players globally.

Lee credits his success to both his strong mental game and impressive physical fitness. His agility and speed make him difficult to keep up with on court, giving him an advantage against opponents both physically and mentally. Furthermore, Lee is famous for his aggressive playing style which frequently throws off their game plan.

Lee has represented Malaysia at various international tournaments such as the Thomas Cup, Sudirman Cup, Commonwealth Games and various BWF World Tour Finals and Asian Badminton Championships tournaments.

Lee Zii Jia's Badminton Career

Lee Zii Jia is one of the world’s premier badminton players. Since making his professional debut in 2016, he has seen tremendous success and remains one of its leading figures.

Lee Zii Jia was introduced to badminton by his father at age nine, and has since gone on to become one of Malaysia’s most successful international players – winning numerous tournaments and medals at both 2018 Asian Games and 2019 World Championships. Additionally, in 2020 Lee became the first Malaysian ever to reach a BWF Super Series final where he finished as the runner-up.

Lee is known for both his athletic prowess on court as well as his sportsmanship off. He often takes time out from his busy schedule for fan meet-and-greets or to promote badminton among young children in Malaysia. Through charitable activities he has become an inspiration to aspiring athletes across Malaysia and internationally.

Lee Zii Jia's Achievements

Lee Zii Jia has earned incredible success in badminton. He has won multiple tournaments and reached the top rankings in his nation. Lee first rose to prominence when he won both Asian Junior Badminton Championships and World Junior Championships – later going on to take home medals at other international events like 2019 Southeast Asian Games where he claimed two golds and one silver.

Lee made history for Malaysia when he won its inaugural men’s singles championship at the 2020 All England Open Badminton Championships, becoming its inaugural men’s singles champion ever. Following this remarkable achievement, he was invited to join Malaysia’s national team and compete in major tournaments around the world; 2021 saw Lee claim two All England titles as well as reach quarterfinal stages at both Yonex Thailand Open and TOTAL BWF World Tour Finals tournaments – an unprecedented accomplishment!

Lee Zii Jia has quickly established himself as one of the stars of badminton, emerging as an intimidating opponent on court. Through hard work and determination, there’s no telling the heights this young Malaysian athlete may reach in his future badminton career.

Lee Zii Jia's Training and Preparation

As a professional badminton player, Lee Zii Jia puts in many hours of hard work and dedication into his training and preparation. He spends long hours at the gym working to strengthen his muscles and enhance physical fitness, working closely with coaches to refine every aspect of his game from movement patterns to shot selection. Furthermore, he ensures he gets sufficient rest so he can perform at his peak during competitions.

Lee Zii Jia knows the value of training and preparation as essential ingredients of success as a professional badminton player. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a constant desire for growth, Lee’s name will no doubt continue to make headlines in years ahead!

Lee Zii Jia's Impact on Malaysia Badminton

Malaysia has long been an influential player in badminton, but recently Lee Zii Jia has made waves as an exceptional Malaysian badminton player. Lee quickly established himself as one of the premier Malaysian badminton players. His success on Malaysia’s badminton scene can hardly be denied.

Lee Zii Jia clinched his maiden Major title at the Thailand Open and quickly followed it up by taking out All England Open Championship as well. These victories catapulted him to number one on Badminton World Federation rankings – an accomplishment not achieved since 2002 by any Malaysian player! His successes also won him numerous accolades from government bodies as well as private organisations.

Lee Zii Jia’s success has influenced young Malaysians to take up badminton as a sport. He has become an idol for young athletes looking to break into badminton; showing hard work and dedication can yield incredible rewards. Through his training regime and winning attitude, Lee Zii Jia sets an example that other can follow while pushing Malaysia’s badminton scene to new heights.

Inspirational Quotes from Lee Zii Jia

To stay motivated and stay focused on his goals, Lee has shared some inspirational quotes which keep him going strong – here are a few:

“Success isn’t easy, but it’s worth striving for.”

“Never give up and strive towards greatness.”

“Always believe in yourself and keep pushing towards your dreams.”

“Even when things become tough, never lose sight of why you started in the first place.”

“Hard work always beats talent when talent doesn’t put in its effort.”

“Stay humble and never stop learning.”

Lee Zii Jia’s words serve as an encouraging reminder that anything is possible with dedication and hard work, evidenced by his extraordinary achievements so far. With any luck, his legacy will continue to inspire future generations with words such as these.


Lee Zii Jia has quickly emerged as a force to reckon with in badminton. Since rising to the top of his sport in Malaysia and becoming a household name there, he is making waves internationally as well. An exhilarating player, Lee boasts lightning-fast reflexes and an aggressive style which make him one of the premier badminton stars today.

Lee is an inspiration to young badminton players everywhere. Through hard work and dedication he has reached heights few others could dream of reaching. Given his immense talent and drive there is no telling what further accomplishments will follow for Lee in the near future.

Lee Zii Jia has shown us all what’s possible when they put their minds to something, serving as an inspiration to athletes around the globe. Now as he makes strides towards becoming one of badminton’s legendary players ever, we all look forward to witnessing him advance his game further over time.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Lee Zii Jia?

Lee Zii Jia is a Malaysian badminton player born October 13, 1998. Currently ranked 12th by the Badminton World Federation (BWF), Lee has won multiple titles including gold medals at both 2020 BWF World Championships and 2021 All England Open as well as several international tournaments such as 2018 Indonesia Masters and 2019 Thailand Open.

What is Lee Zii Jia's background in badminton?

Lee Zii Jia is a professional badminton player from Malaysia who began playing badminton at age 11. Since he started at 11 he has quickly become one of the most sought-after players on tour, reaching the final of 2014 Malaysian Open before winning Yonex Sunrise Vietnam Open title in 2017 and reaching quarterfinals of World Championships that year – as well as currently holding career high ranking of World No 4. Currently holds world number four ranking & considered among top contenders for major tournaments!

What tournaments has Lee Zii Jia won?

Lee Zii Jia has had great success since beginning his professional badminton career in 2016. Since 2016, he has won multiple tournaments such as the 2018 BWF World Junior Championships, 2019 Malaysian Masters Tournament, 2020 All England Open and 2021 Malaysia Open Super 750 Super 750. Additionally he reached finals for many other tournaments such as 2020 French Open and Denmark Open tournaments.

How did Lee Zii Jia become a professional badminton player?

Lee Zii Jia was initially inspired to begin playing badminton by his older brother who was an accomplished professional badminton player. With much hard work and determination, Lee Zii Jia soon took up badminton himself and began competing in tournaments before eventually joining the National Sports Institute of Malaysia where he trained alongside some of Malaysia’s finest coaches and players – eventually going on to represent Malaysia at international competitions!

What is Lee Zii Jia's highest ranking in the BWF World Rankings?

As of March 2021, Lee Zii Jia’s highest ranking in the BWF World Rankings was number two.

What are some of the achievements of Lee Zii Jia's career?

Lee Zii Jia of Malaysia is an accomplished badminton player. Throughout his career he has amassed many achievements, such as winning the 2019 China Open Super 1000 tournament and finishing as runner-up at the 2020 All England Open Badminton Championships.
At the 2021 Thailand Open Super 1000 tournament, she placed second and won both Malaysian Masters Grand Prix Gold and Singapore Open Super 500 tournaments, becoming a quarterfinalist at both tournaments and making an impressionful statement at each one.
– Reached career high ranking of World Number 8 in April 2021.

Does Lee Zii Jia have any sponsorships or endorsements?

As of right now, Lee Zii Jia does not appear to have any sponsors or endorsements.

Has Lee Zii Jia ever been coached by any notable figures in badminton?

Yes, Lee Zii Jia has been trained by some prominent figures in badminton. Currently coached by Rashid Sidek – a former Malaysian badminton player and coach who has won multiple international titles – Lee was previously mentored by Hendrawan from Indonesia; both coaches have achieved major successes within badminton which have contributed significantly towards Lee becoming one of the premier players worldwide today.

Which countries has Lee Zii Jia represented in international tournaments?

Lee Zii Jia has represented Malaysia at numerous international tournaments, such as the 2019 BWF World Championships and 2020 Badminton Asia Championships. Additionally, he helped lead Malaysia to gold at the 2018 Asian Games. Lee also took part in other events like All England Open Super Series.

Does Lee Zii Jia have any siblings, and do they play badminton too?

Lee Zii Jia has two siblings who also play badminton; both – Lee Zii Cheng is a former national team member while younger sister Lee Zii Ching currently competes at national junior levels. Both siblings have enjoyed great success at winning titles at state levels across America.

How often does Lee Zii Jia compete in tournaments each year?

Lee Zii Jia participates in over 25 tournaments annually, such as international events such as the Badminton World Championships and All England Open. Additionally, he frequently competes at local tournaments across Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Is there any advice that Lee Zii Jia would give to up-and-coming badminton players?

Lee Zii Jia’s advice to up-and-coming badminton players is for them to remain focused, never give up, and work hard at honing their skills. He emphasizes the importance of practice makes perfect so young athletes should put forth extra efforts to develop technical aspects of their game and show humility on and off the court. Finally, Lee advises them to simply have fun while playing!

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