Jonatan Christie

Jonatan Christie is an Indonesian badminton professional who has won multiple tournaments - such as 2017 World Junior Championships, 2018 Asian Games and 2019 BWF World Championships - including 2017 World Junior Championships, 2018 Asian Games and 2019 BWF World Championships. Stay informed with all his news, rankings and updates here.


Jonatan Christie is an Indonesian badminton player who has made waves internationally. Currently ranked as Indonesia’s No.1 singles player and 7th in the world, he boasts numerous victories such as two gold medals at 2019 Southeast Asian Games as well as his team’s inaugural Thomas Cup title in 2016. With this impressive track record and proven promise – Jonatan Christie stands as an emerging talent within badminton today.

Who is Jonatan Christie?

Jonatan Christie is an Indonesian badminton player who has achieved remarkable success. Christie holds numerous accolades including being awarded All England Open title twice (2020 and 2019), World Championship gold medal in 2018 Asian Games and Southeast Asian Games champion titles (2018 Asian Games gold and 2019 Southeast Asian Games respectively). Christie is also a three-time winner of Indonesia National Badminton Championships and part of a winning team at 2017 BWF Sudirman Cup, making him one of Indonesia’s most accomplished badminton players in recent times. His incredible feats make him one of the country’s premier badminton players. His playing style is aggressive yet controlled, employing powerful smashes to dominate his opponents on court. His success has earned him praise from both fans and fellow players, many recognizing him as one of the premier badminton players around today.

Early Life and Career

Born in 1998, Jonatan began his journey quickly rising through the ranks; winning his first major tournament at just 13 and becoming part of Indonesia’s national team by 16.

Jonatan has achieved great success since then, winning several international tournaments such as the 2018 Asia Junior Badminton Championships and 2019 Singapore Open. Additionally, he participated in both 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games reaching quarterfinals each time; ultimately leading him to reach a career high ranking of 4th in world rankings.

Jonatan is actively engaged with various charitable causes, regularly visiting schools to introduce badminton to children. Additionally, he works closely with various sponsorships deals that support both his career and family back home in Indonesia.

Major Achievements

At just 25, Christie has won several international tournaments such as 2019 BWF World Championships and 2018 Asian Games; also, he holds number one position within Indonesia and three globally on his ranking list; making him an exceptional badminton player and earning him recognition among one of its premier players.

Christie began his career at just thirteen years old, competing in junior tournaments across Asia. By 2016, he made his senior tour debut and reached multiple semifinals before eventually winning his first major title at 2017 Indonesian Masters Super Series and going on to win gold medals at both 2018 Asian Games and 2019 BWF World Championships.

As well as these accomplishments, Christie also reached two finals this year – at both the Japan Open and All England Open, against Chinese opponents Chen Long and Shi Yuqi respectively – before losing both times to these Chinese. Yet his talent is recognized, with him continuing to be considered one of badminton’s rising stars.

Training and Preparation for Tournaments

Since 2013, Christie has taken home numerous titles – BWF World Championship, Asian Games and All England Open among others – which has elevated him into one of the world’s elite players and remains an intimidating opponent on court.

Christie dedicates significant effort and dedication into training for tournaments, with an intensive regimen that includes physical conditioning, tactical drills and practice matches with other players. Furthermore, his mental game training involves visualizing scenarios he may face during matches so that he is better prepared to deal with whatever arises during matches.

Tips from Jonatan Christie on Badminton Success

Badminton is an increasingly popular sport that has enjoyed explosive growth over recent years. Thanks to Jonatan Christie, more people than ever before are taking up badminton. Being one of the top international badminton players worldwide, Jonatan Christie can provide invaluable advice about becoming successful at badminton.

Christie emphasizes the importance of regular practice. Badminton requires technique and skill that can only be developed through dedicated practice sessions. A healthy diet is also crucial; eating healthily will keep your energy up during long matches. Furthermore, having an effective mental game plan allows you to gain an advantage against your opponent on court.

Jonatan Christie emphasizes the importance of having fun while playing badminton. Laughter during matches keeps motivation levels high and creates an overall better experience – using these tips from Jonatan Christie can help aspiring badminton players quickly achieve their goals!


Jonatan Christie has traveled an amazing path from humble origins in Indonesia to becoming one of the world’s greatest badminton players. His hard work and dedication has paid off with numerous titles and awards – including being the first Indonesian player ever to win a BWF World Championships gold medal, as well as becoming the only Indonesian athlete with two medals at Olympic Games. Through his successes he has inspired young athletes both within Indonesia as well as around the globe.

Christie has made his mark both on and off the court; using his international sports star status to raise awareness and funds for causes dear to him such as supporting underprivileged children and animal welfare, through which his charitable endeavors have earned widespread acclaim throughout Indonesia and further cementing his legacy as a great sportsman, humanitarian, and role model.

Jonatan Christie has set an exemplary example of dedication and hard work through sport and life alike. We take comfort knowing he will continue to serve as an influence for generations of aspiring athletes both locally in Indonesia as well as around the globe.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Jonatan Christie?

Jonatan Christie is an Indonesian badminton player. Currently ranked as world No. 1, Christie has won multiple international tournaments such as 2019 Asian Games, 2019 World Championships and 2020 All England Open Tournament. Furthermore, he holds Olympic title in men’s singles play.

What titles has Jonatan Christie won?

Jonatan Christie has enjoyed great success on the badminton court, winning multiple tournaments such as BWF World Tour Super 1000 and Super 750 tournaments as well as Asian Games gold medals both in 2018 and 2019. Furthermore, he has received two bronze medals at both BWF World Championships and All England Open events.

How did Jonatan Christie become a professional badminton player?

Jonatan Christie became a professional badminton player by starting to play badminton at an early age. Starting when he was eight, he quickly developed a passion for it, joining local clubs and tournaments across Indonesia as his skills advanced and soon becoming one of its premier players. By sixteen, Jonatan joined Indonesian national team competitions around the world; eventually winning his first international tournament at seventeen, making him an official professional badminton player.

What awards and achievements has Jonatan Christie received?

Jonatan Christie has earned many honors throughout his career. In 2016 at the Asian Junior Badminton Championships he placed second, then won gold medals at both men’s singles and mixed doubles events of 2017 Southeast Asian Games; later that same year at 2018 Asian Games he took bronze medals for men’s singles team events and singles events; moreover he captured both in 2019 BWF World Championships; Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2020 recognized Jonatan Christie’s efforts with badminton achievements!

What is the highest world ranking that Jonatan Christie achieved?

Jonatan Christie reached his highest world ranking ever when he achieved it in August 2020 – number 1.

How many times has Jonatan Christie won the Indonesian Open title?

Jonatan Christie has won three consecutive Indonesian Open titles – in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Are there any other notable tournaments that Jonatan Christie has participated in?

Jonatan Christie has taken part in several other notable tournaments throughout his career. He won both Indonesian Open Super Series Premier tournaments (in 2018 and 2019) as well as Indonesia Masters Super 500 event in 2020. Additionally, he was selected as a finalist at 2018 BWF World Tour Finals as well as winning 2021 All England Open Badminton Championships.

Does Jonatan Christie have any siblings who are also professional badminton players?

Jonatan Christie does not have any siblings who are professional badminton players.

What type of training does Jonatan Christie do to maintain peak performance levels?

Jonatan Christie is a professional badminton player who maintains peak performance through a comprehensive training regimen. This includes cardiovascular exercises such as running and cycling, strength and agility drills and specific badminton drills to develop footwork, hand-eye coordination and other necessary skills needed for successful play. Furthermore, Jonatan works closely with a nutritionist to make sure he consumes energy-boosting foods during practices and tournaments.

Is there a particular strategy or style of play that characterizes the way in which Jonatan Christie plays badminton?

Yes, Jonatan Christie is known for his aggressive style of play. As a very fast and powerful player who likes to attack from the start of every rally, his two-handed backhand smashes are one of his signature shots that often makes an impactful statement about him as an aggressive competitor. Additionally, his versatile playing style includes frequent switching up of shots so as to keep opponents guessing; his excellent footwork and court positioning allow him to get into position quickly before unleashing powerful shots with great force.

Does Jonatan Christie have any international sponsorships or endorsements to his name?

At present, Jonatan Christie does not boast any international sponsorships or endorsements to his name; however, he is supported by Li-Ning (an international sports equipment and apparel provider) and Yonex (an international badminton equipment supplier).

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