Chou Tien Chen

Chou Tien Chen of Taiwan is a professional badminton player. He has won multiple international titles and currently ranks 3rd in the BWF Men's Singles World Rankings. Read further to gain more insight into his life and achievements.


Chou Tien Chen is an outstanding badminton player from Taiwan who has attained immense success over his career, winning multiple titles and awards across various tournaments. These achievements have etched his place amongst one of the greatest athletes ever seen compete on Taiwanese soil, earning him numerous accolades along the way. This article provides an overview of Chou Tien Chen’s life and career, detailing some of his major achievements and accolades along his journey.

Early Life and Career

Chou Tien Chen was born on January 11th 1989 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and began playing badminton at 10 under coach Huang Ching-Kai. At just 16 years old he won his inaugural international title: 2005 Chinese Taipei Junior Open Championships.
Chen debuted on the BWF World Tour in 2007 and quickly established himself as an indispensable opponent, becoming one of only nine players ever to claim three consecutive Super Series titles at once – winning Japan Open, China Masters and Hong Kong Open all within nine months in 2009.┬áSince then he has gone on to win five Super Series tournaments and two All England Championships.

Chen has enjoyed remarkable success on the badminton court since 2016, rising to become world number one men’s singles player and holding on for nearly three years until being overtaken by Kento Momota in 2019. Even today he remains one of the greatest badminton players ever and one of its all-time greats.

Rise to the Top of World Badminton Rankings

Chou Tien Chen has established himself as one of the premier badminton players worldwide. Hailing from Taiwan, he has quickly risen up the rankings to become one of the sport’s most esteemed athletes.

Chou’s rise to prominence began in 2018 when he won his inaugural gold medal at the World Championships in Nanjing, China. Since then he has won multiple other international tournaments such as two gold medals at Asian Games and one bronze at Olympic Games – leading to him quickly climbing up rankings to become one of badminton’s premier players.

Chou’s success can be credited to his hard work and commitment to improving himself as a player. Each day he devotes many hours of practice time towards perfecting his technique and tactics – and this dedication has paid dividends as he steadily climbs up the rankings and cements himself among some of badminton’s greatest players.

As Chou embarks on his path to badminton immortality, fans around the globe will watch in anticipation. Chou is expected to become one of its all-time greats.

Playing Style and Strategy

Chou Tien Chen stands out among world badminton players with his aggressive playing style and strategy, known for surprising opponents with sudden bursts of power and speed. His ability to read the game and predict opponents’ next moves gives him an edge on court; furthermore, his use of defensive play while simultaneously using offensive tactics allows him to remain in control even under pressure.

Chen has an equally formidable mental game, remaining focused during long rallies and never quitting no matter the score. This mental strength enables him to maintain control during matches and execute his strategies flawlessly. Furthermore, his varied shot selection makes him unpredictable for opponents and helps give him an advantage in winning matches.

Overall, Chou Tien Chen’s playing style and strategy have contributed significantly to his success as one of badminton’s premier players. Boasting aggressive attacking play combined with mental fortitude and tactical awareness, he remains one of the world’s premier contenders at badminton tournaments around the globe.

Personal Life

Chou Tien Chen is in a relationship with former Taiwanese badminton player Lee Chia Hsin and they wed in 2018. Since then they’ve resided together in Taipei where both coach and train for their respective sports; apart from badminton they both enjoy spending time outdoors together exploring nature together.

Chou Tien Chen is an active member of society and regularly volunteers at charity events to assist those less fortunate than himself. Additionally, he supports various international initiatives promoting peace through sports. Chou Tien Chen has earned respect throughout Taiwan due to both his excellence as an athlete as well as his dedication in giving back whenever possible.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

Chou Tien Chen’s skill and commitment have earned him endorsements and sponsorships from some of the industry’s premier brands, such as Yonex, Victor, Li-Ning, etc. Chou has garnered sponsorship from Coca-Cola and McDonald’s among other international companies, appearing in television commercials that give him additional exposure for both his career and sport. Each victory on court cements Chou as one of the greatest badminton players worldwide.

Legacy in Badminton

Chou Tien Chen is an accomplished badminton player, having won multiple international titles over his distinguished career. Having competed at four Olympic Games – Beijing 2008 and London 2012 – earning silver medals at both events; as well as having proven successful at the World Championships by taking home gold medals both 2015 and 2018; Chou has left behind an inspiring legacy in badminton that continues to inspire young players all around the globe.

Chou Tien Chen began his badminton career when he was 10 years old. Since then, he has built himself into a formidable badminton force by winning numerous prestigious tournaments such as All England Open Badminton Championships three times (2015-2017), Singapore Open twice (2013) and being National Champion six consecutive years from 2006 to 2012.

Chou Tien Chen has made waves both on and off of the court for his remarkable efforts both before, during, and after matches. His off-court achievements are equally commendable; he regularly gives back to his community through various initiatives, such as creating an academy for young athletes or providing scholarships to promising players from underprivileged backgrounds. His commitment to helping others realize their dreams has inspired many around him.

Chou Tien Chen will forever be remembered as one of the greatest badminton players ever. His achievements and contributions to his sport are unparalleled; making him an icon within it and shaping its course for years to come.


Chou Tien Chen has quickly established himself as one of the world’s premier badminton players in a relatively short period. Since winning his debut title at Chinese Taipei Open 2016 and going on to capture nine singles titles including All England Championship in 2019; his rise has seen him reach international renown and rank second globally – making him an anticipated Olympic medal contender when Tokyo 2021 arrives.

Chou Tien Chen is an outstanding athlete who continues to raise the standard for badminton excellence. His combination of strength and agility make him an indefatigable opponent on court; while his ability to remain calm under pressure makes him nearly unbeatable. Already making history by becoming the first Taiwanese male ever to win a Super 1000 title, he looks set to continue breaking records as his career advances.

Chou has managed to remain humble despite all his success, showing an infectious passion that spreads around him and inspires those he encounters. He takes great pride in representing Taiwan at international tournaments and spreading badminton throughout Asia – his philosophy can be best expressed through his own words: “I like playing badminton because it’s fun; however, my ultimate aim is to become the best player I can possibly be to encourage more people to start playing this amazing sport”.

Chou Tien Chen looks set to remain one of badminton’s brightest stars for many years to come, dominating international competitions and becoming synonymous with success not just within badminton but across sports altogether. Boasting such incredible talent at his disposal, we are witnessing an iconic figure who will leave an indelible mark on badminton for many years to come.

Frequently asked questions

How many times has Chou Tien Chen won the All England Open Badminton Championships?

Chou Tien Chen has won three consecutive All England Open Badminton Championships as men’s singles champion – in 2017, 2019 and 2021 respectively.

How long has Chou Tien Chen been playing badminton?

Chou Tien Chen began playing badminton when he was twelve. Since competing in international tournaments at 17 years old, his career has flourished immensely.

What other major tournaments has Chou Tien Chen won?

Chou Tien Chen has won numerous major tournaments over his career, such as the China Open in 2017, Malaysia Masters in 2018 and Thailand Open in 2019 as well as BWF World Tour Finals both times around in 2018 and 2019. Furthermore, in 2020 he took home both All England Open and Denmark Open titles.

Who are some of Chou Tien Chen's biggest rivals in badminton?

Chou Tien Chen’s most notable competitors in badminton include Kento Momota (Japan), Viktor Axelsen (Denmark), and Shi Yuqi (China). Other players that have come up against Chou Tien Chen include Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia), Lin Dan (China), Son Wan Ho (Korea) and Srikanth Kidambi (India).

What style of play does Chou Tien Chen use on court?

Chou Tien Chen is widely respected for his aggressive and attacking tennis play on court. A powerful player, he tends to take control in rallies by hitting hard-hitting shots that put pressure on his opponents and put points away quickly with excellent net play and strong backhand shot winners from back of court – while his agile movements allow him to reach shots other players may miss! His strong backhand allows him to hit winners from back of court shots quickly while his strong net play allows him to quickly close off points quickly.

What type of racket does Chou Tien Chen use?

Chou Tien Chen currently employs a Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket.

How did Chou Tien Chen get into playing badminton?

Chou Tien Chen was inspired to begin playing badminton at age seven after being motivated by his older brother who was already an accomplished badminton player. Chou Tien Chen quickly developed a passion for badminton and worked tirelessly towards becoming one of Taiwan’s premier badminton players.

What have been some of the highlights of Chou Tien Chen's career so far?

Chou Tien Chen has had an extraordinary badminton career. Beginning in 2013, he won his inaugural Grand Prix Gold title at Yonex Dutch Open and, over subsequent years, two more at All England Open and Malaysia Open tournaments. Additionally, in 2016 he became the first Taiwanese player ever to win China Masters Super Series tournament, becoming first Taiwanese man ever. Additionally in 2018 he reached quarterfinals of BWF World Championships event (finishing fourth overall), before reaching World Tour Super 500 title Indonesia Open tournament that same year and reaching semifinals of All England Open and Malaysia Open tournaments; that year also making semifinal appearances of All England Open and Malaysia Open tournaments!

Has Chou Tien Chen ever represented his country at the Olympic Games?

No, Chou Tien Chen has never represented his nation at an Olympic Games event. Although he has taken part in many international badminton tournaments over his career, he has never taken part in Olympic-level tournaments.

Does Chou Tien Chen have any sponsorships or endorsements from brands or companies?

Yes, Chou Tien Chen is sponsored by Yonex and has an endorsement deal with them for life. Additionally, Li-Ning and Victor Sports support him.

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