Anthony Sinisuka Ginting

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting is an Indonesian badminton player and currently the world number six for men's singles badminton. He has won multiple tournaments both locally and internationally - most recently taking home a gold medal at 2018 Asian Games - so read more to gain more insight into his achievements and career highlights.


Anthony Sinisuka Ginting is an Indonesian badminton player who quickly rose to the top and has won multiple tournaments such as French Open and Singapore Open. Ginting’s success can be credited to his dedication and hard work as well as being adaptable in his approach against different opponents; his impressive record speaks for itself and looks set to remain an outstanding force in badminton for years.

Early Life of Anthony Sinisuka Ginting

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting is a professional badminton player from Indonesia. Born on 20 May 1998 in Medan, North Sumatra he began his badminton journey at an early age and soon joined his local club PB Djarum Badminton Club under coach Flandy Limpele to train under him, becoming one of the top players within his age group.

In 2014, Anthony competed at the Asian Junior Championships and earned two silver medals: boys’ singles and team events. This accomplishment cemented his place among Asia’s elite junior players. Two years later at Indonesia Open Grand Prix Gold tournament where he reached quarter finals he made his senior circuit debut; since then Anthony has gone on to become one of Indonesia’s most accomplished badminton players with numerous national and international medals to his credit.

Career Highlights

Ginting began playing badminton at an early age and soon established himself as one of Indonesia’s premier badminton players. He won gold with Indonesia at the 2018 Asian Games and made it to the semifinals at 2019 World Championships – not to mention being a regular on BWF Superseries circuit since 2016, winning three events alone during 2018.

Ginting looks set to continue his rise as one of Indonesia’s brightest stars in badminton for many years to come, thanks to his outstanding track record and commitment to improving his game. Without doubt, Ginting will experience further success in his future endeavours.

Major Achievements

Ginting’s most notable achievements are winning the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta by defeating Kento Momota of Japan in three games, becoming first Indonesian ever to claim All England Open, beating China’s Shi Yuqi five-game final, Lin Dan at 2017 Korea Masters and Chen Long in 2017 Chinese Taipei Open respectively.

Ginting has earned praise for both his tournament successes and sportsmanship on court. Widely considered one of the world’s most promising badminton players, many anticipate great things for him in his future career.

Training and Diet Regime

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting has become one of the top professional badminton players worldwide thanks to his training and diet regime, which have proven crucial to his success on court.

Ginting dedicates six hours per day, five days per week to training: two-hour physical conditioning sessions and four hours of badminton practice. He follows an intensive regimen including strength and agility exercises, plyometric drills, core work exercises and footwork drills that allows him to stay in top physical condition to compete at the highest levels.

Ginting follows an exhaustive training regimen and diet plan. His meals consist of plenty of protein to build muscle mass and healthy carbohydrates and fats for energy, along with plenty of fruit and vegetables for essential vitamins and minerals that boost performance.

Ginting’s commitment to his training and diet regime has yielded impressive results since turning professional in 2014; he has won multiple tournaments – most recently including Indonesia Open Super 1000 tournament. Given these results, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting can certainly be considered one of the premier badminton players today!

Ginting's Impact on the Badminton World

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting has made a major mark on the badminton world since making his debut in 2011. Since his debut, Ginting has established himself as one of the sport’s most accomplished players – winning numerous major tournaments such as 2018 Indonesia Open Super 1000 and 2019 Japan Open Super 750 titles, reaching quarterfinals at 2020 Olympic Games, reaching number two global ranking earlier this year, among many more accomplishments.

Ginting’s success on court can be attributed to his athleticism and powerful smashes. His combination of speed and power make him one of the most feared opponents on tour, while his rapid movement allows him to reach shots that other players cannot reach, making it harder for them to counterattack or defend against him. Furthermore, Ginting has displayed impressive mental fortitude by consistently coming back from behind and never giving up until victory has been secured.
Ginting is well known for his humility off court. He serves as an inspirational figure to budding badminton players worldwide and continues to motivate people with his positive outlook towards life.

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting has made an immense mark on badminton both on and off court. His talented play style and humble approach has won him fans all around the world, earning him recognition from fans all across the board and cementing him as one of the premier figures in badminton today.


Anthony Sinisuka Ginting has emerged as one of the world’s premier badminton players, known for his exceptional athleticism, powerful shot-making, and tactical awareness. Hailing from Indonesia but now known across the world, Anthony has quickly made himself an international fan favorite having already won multiple international tournaments as well as individual titles during his relatively brief career – something likely to continue growing as he hones his skills further and pursues even greater heights in future endeavours.

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting looks set for an incredible future as he strives to become one of the all-time greats of badminton. With his incredible determination, skill set, and athletic prowess it should only take him time before becoming one of the greatest ever players ever seen on court or off it. Anthony serves as an inspirational role model both on court and off it for many aspiring badminton players globally who look up to him as their role model both on court and off it.

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting will live long in the memory for his incredible performances at badminton tournaments worldwide. His list of accomplishments speaks volumes to his talent and dedication that have allowed him to achieve such great levels of success at such an early age. We can expect even more thrilling matches from this incredible athlete in the near future!

Frequently asked questions

Who is Anthony Sinisuka Ginting?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting is an Indonesian professional badminton player who holds several international titles including gold medals from both the 2018 Asian Games and 2019 Southeast Asian Games. Additionally, Ginting represented Indonesia at the 2020 Olympic Games held in Tokyo.

What are some of Anthony Sinisuka Ginting's career achievements?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting’s career accomplishments include winning the BWF World Tour Finals in 2019, becoming the first Indonesian player ever to reach a final of a BWF Super 1000 tournament at China Open 2019 and reaching his career-high singles ranking of world No 8. Additionally, Anthony won several international tournaments such as 2018 India Open and 2020 Thailand Open titles.

How did Anthony Sinisuka Ginting become involved in badminton?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting began playing badminton when he was 9 years old, inspired by his former professional badminton player father who saw his interest. With training under him and local tournament competition soon thereafter, Ginting soon rose through Indonesian badminton to join their national team before going on to become one of the best players globally, competing at some of the highest levels.

When did Anthony Sinisuka Ginting win his first major title?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting achieved his first major victory of 2018 at the China Open Super 1000 tournament.

What strategies does Anthony Sinisuka Ginting use to succeed in badminton?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting has become one of the world’s premier badminton players by employing several key strategies. One is focused on fitness and stamina: spending extra hours in the gym ensures his body is always at peak physical condition so he can outlast opponents on court.
Ginting’s aggressive attacking play consists of using fast-paced smashes and perfectly timed drop shots to keep his opponents at bay. He quickly switches between offense and defense, making it hard for opponents to predict his next move. Furthermore, his excellent footwork allows him to cover the court quickly while being ready for every shot on court.
Ginting understands the value of mental toughness in badminton. He strives to maintain an optimistic attitude during matches, even if things do not go his way; this keeps him focused and motivated through long rallies or difficult points.

How has Anthony Sinisuka Ginting's career progressed since he won his first major title?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting’s career has taken off rapidly since winning his maiden major title at the 2018 Indonesia Masters, including multiple wins at India Open and Thailand Open tournaments – eventually reaching number four in world ranking in April 2021. Not only has Ginting excelled on court; millions of fans around the world tune in regularly to watch his matches; this popularity also helped secure sponsorship deals with some of sports biggest brands – cementing him as one of badminton’s rising stars.

What tournaments has Anthony Sinisuka Ginting competed in and won over the years?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting has won multiple tournaments over time, such as the BWF World Tour Finals in 2019, Indonesia Masters both 2019 and 2020, Thailand Open 2018, All England Open 2017, French Open Denmark Open Japan Open as well as every Superseries event since 2016. Furthermore he has reached at least the quarterfinals at each Superseries tournament he’s participated in since 2016.

Does Anthony Sinisuka Ginting have any notable rivalries in badminton?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting has some significant rivalries in badminton. Most notably is his rivalry with fellow Indonesian shuttler Jonatan Christie – both have faced each other many times and their matches often prove fiercely contested. Another noteworthy rivalry of Anthony’s includes Chinese shuttler Shi Yuqi whom he has faced many times throughout his career as well as Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long among many others.

What awards and honors has Anthony Sinisuka Ginting received for his badminton achievements?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting has earned numerous accolades and awards for his badminton accomplishments, including Most Valuable Player at the BWF World Tour Finals (2018) and Asian Champion title (2019). Additionally, Ginting won All England Open Badminton Championships as well as Indonesia Open. Furthermore, various organizations honored Ginting including Indonesia Badminton Association who gave him their Best Male Athlete award in 2017.

How has the international community recognized Anthony Sinisuka Ginting's success in badminton?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting’s success as a badminton player has been widely recognized in recent years. In 2019, he was honored as Male Player of the Year at BWF World Tour Finals and also nominated as a finalist for Victor Player of the Year Award, receiving numerous other honors including winning several Indonesian awards including being named Best Male Badminton Player twice and selected as an Ambassador for 2020 Tokyo Olympics as one of only three athletes chosen – all these accolades prove that Ginting is held highly by his peers and respected as one of world’s finest badminton players!

What advice would Anthony Sinisuka Ginting give to aspiring badminton players?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting would advise budding badminton players not to give up and always aim for excellence. He stressed the significance of dedication, hard work and mental toughness as key ingredients of success in badminton. Furthermore, good nutrition, training programs and having an encouraging attitude were imperative factors of his advice for winning tournaments while enjoying competitive sport as much as possible.

How has being a professional athlete impacted the lifestyle of Anthony Sinisuka Ginting?

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting’s lifestyle has been profoundly altered since becoming a professional athlete. To remain competitive in his sport, it requires him to adhere to an extremely stringent training and nutrition regime in order to remain on top. Anthony devotes much of his time and effort towards keeping himself physically in peak condition, in addition to traveling extensively for competitions and training camps around the globe. Anthony must travel often for work and is away from home for long stretches, making it harder for him to maintain relationships with friends and family. Additionally, as an accomplished professional athlete he likely gained financial rewards as a result of his achievements that may have altered his lifestyle considerably since becoming an athlete.

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